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Flotation Therapy, also known as hydrotherapy, offers many great benefits including pain relief, stress/anxiety reduction, mental health/awareness, improved athletic performance, and skin detoxification! Supported by more than 50-years of clinical research, as well as personal evidence, flotation therapy is the fastest growing natural approach to healthy living.

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Pain Management

Most of us live with our pain until it becomes unbearable and only then do we seek treatment. A side effect of floating for beginners is soreness in the joints and muscles, similar to working-out, due to the positive benefits of decompression. The soreness is a great indicator of early signs joint and muscle issues.

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Mental Health

Floating in a sensory deprivation tank takes the heaviest senses, sight and sound, off the brain and allows it to rest and rejuvenate. Similarly to taking a power nap, but with absolutely no distractions. A single 60 minute float session is all it takes to feel the benefits. Floating is ideal for those suffering from stress, anxiety and PTSD.

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Athletic Performance

From yoga enthusiasts to professional bodybuilders and everyone in between uses flotation therapy to improve their performance. The process is called reverse-osmosis, where toxins are pulled out of the body through the skins membranes. Think of it as the opposite effect of turning pruney when in water too long.

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Floating Is A Way Of Life

Those who have added floating as part of their weekly routine will tell you that the longer you float, the better it gets and the faster your body rebuilds. When you are floating, there is no need to fight gravity or deal with sensory input, which allows your body to reallocate that energy.



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Tammy J

"This may have been my first Float at Sapphire Springs but won’t be my last. Very clean and the towels are so soft. They provide everything you need so no need to bring anything at all. Very professional staff Would highly recommend this place."

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Rhonda B.

"Had a wonderful experience! Clean, quiet, and incredibly relaxing. Can't wait to go back"

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Lucretia Hodge Greear

"It was incredible!! Loved the experience and it was even more incredible to share it with my husband. The facility was really nice and the staff was wonderful. She made us feel really comfortable. We would strongly recommend and will most certainly be back!!"


Just an open mind...maybe a hairbrush for after the float. No need for a hair dryer because we provide that too.

Some clients are so relaxed by their floats that they drift into a peaceful sleep. This is fine! You are truly feeling the relaxation effects of your session. The only danger is that you may turn your head and be awakened by the water.
The music that signals the end of your float gradually increases in volume, and is enough to wake up even the most sublimely relaxed of clients. We promise to play trumpets through the speakers of your float tank if our usual soft crescendo of music does not wake you up.

Yes. The incredibly high salt content of the water prevents bacteria and other microorganisms from surviving within the tank. In addition, we filter the water thoroughly, zap it with antimicrobial ultraviolet light, and use an odorless and safe disinfectant at an optimal level for sanitation. This is more than is done for any hot tub or swimming pool. As a result, the water is very clean. We also ask that clients use the showers in the float rooms before and after their sessions. Soap and shampoo are provided in the showers.

YES. The water in each tank is 11” deep, and it is nearly impossible to accidentally flip over because of the way the body lies on top. The water line does not approach the mouth or nose. You may exit the float tank at any time and staff are always present on site to assist you. Epsom salt is commonly used as an over-the-counter remedy for multiple ailments, and although we highly discourage it, swallowing the water is not dangerous. If the salt water gets in your eye, it is only irritating and can be easily flushed out with fresh water.

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